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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed?

        We are licensed by Kirklees Council to provide boarding at home for up to four dogs.

Are you insured?

We are covered by Cliverton who are a specialist insurer for people working with animals         www.cliverton.co.uk

Will my dog need to wear a collar?

Your dog will need to wear a collar with Dog Days contact details. This is in case your dog is lost while in our care

Do you use kennels?

We do not have any kennels on the premises

What happens if my dog gets sick?

If your dog becomes unwell during its stay and requires veterinary treatment we will take your dog either to your vet or our vet. You will be liable for any veterinary fees incurred due to illness, vaccination or pre-existing conditions during your dog's stay.

My dog needs to wear a muzzle in public places, will you be able to walk or board him?

We will not take on any dog that displays aggressive behaviour or is dangerous.

My bitch is in season, will you be able to walk or board her?

We do not take on dogs which are not neutered.

Do you provide food for boarded dogs?

We recommend that you bring a supply of your dog's normal feed, a sudden change of diet can cause a dog to have an upset stomach.

Do you exercise dogs off the lead?

We only exercise dogs off the lead if the owner has given us written permission to do so.

My dog's vaccinations are due while we are on holiday, can you still board her?

All dogs must be fully vaccinated and treated for parasites when boarding commences. This may mean that you have to bring forward your dog's vaccination date if it falls during the time your dog will be staying.

Can you accept a puppy for boarding or day minding?

The minimum age of dog we can accept is either 4 months or 4 weeks after the dog has been fully vaccinated.

Does my dog have to be microchipped?

It is advisable for dogs to be microchipped. Some microchip registration services will allow you to inform them if your dog is staying at a different address. This will allow your dog to be re- homed to us in the unlikely event that it is missing. We also will require visiting dogs to wear an identity tag with our details.

What if my dog has an accident?

We are covered via our insurance for accidental injury. We will take your dog to your own vet if possible. We will require written permission to make decisions in the best interest of your dog.

What if my flight home is delayed?

We will keep your dog until you can return home but you will be liable to pay for extra costs. We ask for an emergency contact number so that we can keep in touch if there are any unforeseen problems with your travel arrangements.

My dog has diabetes can you accept it for boarding?

We can't accept dogs that need injecting with medication.

Do I need to bring any equipment for my dog?

We will provide freshly laundered bedding, toys and food and water bowls for your dog. You should bring your dog's lead/harness/coat and enough food for its stay. We advise owners not to bring toys or bedding for their dog as this can cause possessiveness and aggravation between dogs resulting in damage to items brought. We keep a supply of neutral toys which dogs can play with under supervision.

What if my dog gets sick during its stay?

If your dog becomes unwell, we will take it to your vet if practicable or our vet. We will require owners to provide consent to Dog Days to make decisions in the best interest of the welfare of your dog. You will be liable for all veterinary costs incurred due to illness of your dog.

If you have any other questions which are not covered please do not hesitate to call or e-mail.

tel: 07799 385616, email: info@dogdaysmirfield.co.uk

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