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naomi charles bonnie flynn photoDog Days is a family business and it is important that you and your dog are completely comfortable with us and our lifestyle.

If you think that your dog would enjoy staying with us call or email to discuss your requirements.

Naominaomi bonnie flynn running photo

I spent most of my life terrified of dogs. Looking back I couldn't have imagined that I would ever be working with dogs. I got over my fear of dogs when our neighbour brought home a rottweiler puppy. At first I was terrified but gradually I got to know him and before long he was a regular visitor and I started taking him for walks, he was one of the best natured dogs I have met. By learning to understand dog behaviour I became more confident around dogs and since then dogs have become part of my life. We have since taken on two rescue dogs Tess (sadly passed away) and Bonnie who came to us as 'adolescent' dogs with issues and now we also have Flynn who came to us as a puppy, he is my permanent shadow. I became ill with depression and having a dogs around was an important part of my recovery. I enjoy training my dogs and have found that doing agility with them is extremely rewarding and challenging. This winter I took up running for fitness and the dogs love to accompany me on runs in the countryside. Dogs have so much become part of our lives that we even planned our wedding so that bonnie could be with us.

charles flynn puppy photoCharles

Raised on a farm I have been around dogs all my life; from farm dogs to pets. Out of the many dogs I have owned Border Collies have been the most fulfilling and the most challenging.  Now I work from having dogs around is always a welcome break from the computer and the phone

sara photoSara

I grew up with dogs and after I left home I really missed having a dog around. Now I am living with Dad and Naomi and enjoying collie cuddles on demand.

bonnie autumn woods


I came to the family as a rescue dog at 6 months. I was very nervous and scared of children. No-one had house trained me or taught me how to walk on a lead. My new owners

taught me to be confident and I learnt to use my brain. Now I am 7 years old and I love children – they never get tired of playing ball. I loved agility but now my joints get stiff - but I'll never give up playing ball. As well as playing ball; I love swimming, foreign holidays, doing tricks and watching shadows (when no-one is looking). I still get scared sometimes but only of thunder, fireworks and compressors. My favourite walks are Hagg Wood where I can chase squirrels, Dalton Bank and Welholme Park where I love to go swimming.

flynn photo


I am two and I love everyone. My mum and dad were working farm dogs from Lancashire. My favourite things to do are herding chickens and playing with my soft toys. I am getting calmer now I am nearly grown up and I am starting my Good Citizens award. I am learning tricks and fetching slippers. I haven't discovered girls yet but when I do I will make a great dad.

midge decking photo


I used to be terrified of dogs but now I put them in their place. I'm in charge here and everyone knows it. I was a rescue cat and I have never lost my taste for a take away.


If I was a person I would be Bob Marley. I am so chilled out I am horizontal most of the time. I am getting on a bit now and my favourite place to be is the bathmat on the underfloor heating.

hensThe hens

We rule the garden and if any dogs pester us too much we let them know.

If you think that your dog would enjoy staying with us call or email to discuss your requirements.

email: info@dogdays.co.uk Phone: 07799 385616

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